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Anyone can get up at 5am, few rarely do – Robin Sharma

May 27, 2009 by Colin  
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Robin Sharma also said, those that get up at 5am (or in his case 4am) rule the world.   I am a big fan of Robin Sharma and have been reading his stuff for about a year now.  I thought that was all well and good to say, but I tend to work late into the night, like many people do and feel I am at my best, with the most creative ideas at 1am.  I then sleep till 8am and hit work by 9am.  Somehow I was always feeling behind.  Regularly on Mondays I would stay in the office lateuntil8pm or 9pm before beer league hockey so I was prepared or caught up for the week. I always felt a step behind.

So from my last post you will see that some of us together have been taking on this challenge, and again accountability is a big factor.  But there are two other factors. One is simple, getting to bed early.  This was the reason I fell off the wagon on this challenge at the end of 6 weeks last year.  I was not getting to bed early, which had me exhausted and run down by the end of each week.  I could not sustain the early rise, without proper sleep.  This time around, my goal is not to just complete a 4-6 week challenge; it’s to integrate this into my normal routine.  Yes 5am is to become the new normal.  Sounds painful, doesn’t, it….only if you do not get enough sleep.  I find that if I can be in bed or at least winding down by 10pm, then its child play.  6-7 hours is enough for me to be able to rise when the formerly dreaded alarm goes off. In addition, getting some simple things done the night before (like making my morning shake, deciding what clothes to wear, packing up my work stuff) make it all much easier if I need to head off and meet the guys for an early workout and then to work.  Of course, if you are just getting up to get some personal projects done, then you have that extra time in the morning.  I now look forward to getting up early when I go to bed, and accomplishing many things before others rise for the day.

What else is a key ingredient for an early rise?  Purpose.   It’s great to be able to get up early in the morning, but besides working out, which for me twice per week in the morning seems to fit well, what will you do with all that extra time. That’s the beauty of it, what ever you want.  What have not had enough time for lately? Reading a new book, working on a personal project, scoping out your next vacation, getting sometime to yourself before the kids rise.

So what drives me to get up early.  What’s my purpose?  While I have been struggling with that one for a little while. Previously I have been using it for extra work time (not too exciting), occasional morning exercise, reading the paper and some extra time to read interesting books.  In the last few weeks since I have committed to being up at 5am (see a pattern?) I have found I want to use the time for the following.  Twice per week, morning workouts at 6am with friends (accountability), working on this blog (and the next phase), some additional reading on the current book (s) of the month, time for researching and pre-planning calls to new potential clients or maybe a morning walk around the neighborhood.  This gets me excited and motivated to get to bed early…and be ready to start each daily early.  It took me awhile to figure this out, I know some of you are already there and I congratulate you.  To the rest of you, do you have it in you to take the 5am challenge for 21 days.   I’ll be up to support you if you do.


4 Responses to “Anyone can get up at 5am, few rarely do – Robin Sharma”
  1. Brian says:

    Colin…congrats on the 5am rising. It’s takes a definite shift in your paradigm of thinking to start the day 2 or 3 hrs ahead of most of the Western world, but those hours can make a huge difference.
    Another great use of that time? Meditation. Yes, it’s been around for thousands of years and it’s by no means’new’, but taking 15 or 30 mins to focus your self in the morning can prepare you for the challenges of the day. Your leading edge becomes a clear mind.

  2. mohammadshafi says:

    I am stil in learning days of my blog world and I feel lucky to have come across this blog… thank you… I dono if it reaches you :) how do i subscribe to these posts?? thank you again.. so far i’ve been waking up just minutes before my office hours… im surely gonna try out this schedule…

  3. colinnanka says:

    Hi Mohammad,

    Happy you enjoyed the post. I have found great sites just meandering around WordPress. I am working on an invite list, however, for now just check back daily. Will usually post in the morning. Where do you live by the way? I am in Toronto, Canada.


  4. Andre says:

    Hello Colin,

    I am doing the 21 day challenge. So far on day 2 my impression is I feel EXCELLENT when I’ve done a bunch of work from 8-9am and feel psychologically ahead of the game. Its 5:23 now and I’m quite tired. I’ve been getting around 6.5 hours of sleep. I’ll try uping it to 7 and see how I feel.



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